Rappelling down a building can be a challenge. To keep you motivated, we are sharing the stories of those that you are helping support who are participating in Easterseals Michigan programs and services.

Silas, age 5, is a Child Ambassador for Over The Edge. Silas has Down Syndrome and lives with his dad, Jon, his mom, Heather, and his brother, Max, in East Grand Rapids. He loves reading with dad, dancing and singing with mom, and playing hide and seek with his brother. His fine motor skills were extremely delayed, and he needed private therapy. The family chose Easterseals Michigan Children's Developmental Therapy Services, which offer speech, language, occupational and sensory integration therapies. Because of Silas' progress, his parents are staying in the program, and feel Easterseals Michigan will play a pivotal role with Silas in the years to come.